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Item number: CPE100136-EU

Maße: 68.5 x 122 x 71 cm (B x L x H)

Category: Home Standby Generators

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Power interruptions are more than just an inconvenience. When you lose utility power it?s not only the lights that go out. Critical hardwired systems like heating and air conditioning units shut down, food begins to spoil, security systems often fail to work, sump pumps cease functioning, computers, televisions and home business shut down.

The comfort, safety and security we expect of our homes is disrupted with potentially devastating effects. A Champion Home Standby Generator offers a simple solution to all of these problems by allowing you to stay in your comfort zone.

Champion gives your home a permanent source of backup power. In the event of a power outage the generator automatically starts and delivers continuous electrical power to your home. Since it is connected to your LPG or natural gas system it never needs refueling. No matter how long your power is out your Champion Home Standby Generator is there to keep the lights on, the water hot, the fridge cold and the TV tuned in.

When the City Grid/Utilities electricity cuts off, within 2 x seconds the generator will start up, then in the following 2 seconds it will switch over to generator power.


  • 12.5kW continuous electrical power
  • 717cc Champion OHV engine, electric start and low oil shut down
  • Champion Auto Control Module (ACM)
  • All weather composite mounting pad
  • All weather steel enclosure
  • Natural gas or LPG operation
  • Pressurized oiling system with spin on automotive type oil filter
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • 100 percent reliable
  • 24 volt starting system is the most powerful in the industry.
  • Designed to assure starting at temperatures at low as -22 degrees F
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • What Will it Power?

Get backup power to most of your home including air-conditioning and essential circuits. Best choice for cold weather operation.

Not Included:

ATS Function MUST be bought seperately

Shipping weight: 170,00 Kg
Product weight: 162,20 Kg