Dual Fuel Generators

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Dual power generators for gasoline and gas: buy the premium CHAMPION quality from the online shop

We proudly present the revolutionary new power generators of the US premium manufacturer CHAMPION: So-called "Dual Fuel" generators can be operated with gasoline as well as gas. This allows an unprecedented flexibility and reliability in the supply, since one is no longer dependent on only one energy carrier. Not only for campers traveling all over Europe but for those who want to operate active crises at home. If an energy source is out of print, you can still access the other. Dual-fuel power generators from CHAMPION burn both gasoline and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), which is also known as autogas in Germany. The liquefied gas is a variable mixture of butane and propane. Depending on the season and temperature is added from one of the two gases more or less.

Here are some of the advantages of our CHAMPION dual fuel power units:
  • Electricity generator burns petrol AND gas
  • Absolute flexibility: perfect for self-service
  • Simple operation (see video below)
  • Outstanding quality, quiet running performance
  • Product of the US premium manufacturer CHAMPION
  • Eco mode
  • Automatic tension control
  • Low oil shutdown
  • Overload protection
  • Antivibration damper
  • Robust industrial frames

Dual Fuel power generators from CHAMPION inspire customers

Dual Fuel power generators that can be operated with gas and petrol are the absolute new trend in mobile generators. It is no wonder that this product comes from CHAMPION, one of the leading and most innovative manufacturers and suppliers of power units on the North American continent. Within a few years, the smart company has earned an excellent reputation among its customers and is considered to be one of the largest providers in the US and Canada at all. In the Internet on rating portals, customers are enthusiastic about the combined "dual fuel" power generators. Five awarded stars are the rule on the American Amazon, as you can see here:


It is so easy to switch from gas to petrol on the CHAMPION generator

Directly from the US we received this video showing you how easy it is to operate a CHAMPION "Dual Fuel" power generator in general and how easy it is to switch from gas to petrol:

What is absolutely true for generators from the USA? They work in a country, the US, where many people are dependent on mobile power generators. If an emergency power unit does not work, this can have devastating effects. So what does it tell us when countless Americans swear by CHAMPION's power generators? That the devices work perfectly and permanently!

Buy Dual Fuel: petrol + gas generator exclusively in the online shop

CHAMPION power generators with a combined engine, which burns both gas and gasoline, can be purchased exclusively from the online shop of seilwinden-direkt.de. We will advise you in detail about the US top products that are just starting their triumphal journey through Europe.