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Inverters from CHAMPION are quiet, economical and absolutely reliable

Inverter power generators are the kings in the category mobile power generators. They convince by efficiency, economy, run-down and the possibility to supply even the most sensitive electrical devices such as laptop or smartphone with power. Normal generators can destroy these products due to fluctuations in voltage, whereas inverters ensure a stable supply of clean / high-quality electricity. We now offer the König product inverter from one of the leading suppliers in the USA: CHAMPION. CHAMPION has made it from the start-up to one of the largest suppliers in the USA for generators within 13 years. The success is no coincidence: CHAMPION builds inverter power generators of the extra class and in comparison to the competition at unbeatable prices. 2.5 million satisfied customers from North America can not be wrong!

Inverter from CHAMPION: many advantages

  • Extremely quiet thanks to "silent inverter" technology
  • Parallel connection of several units possible
  • Inverter allows operation of devices with micro-chip like laptops
  • Eco mode allows extremely long run times of up to 10 hours
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Very long life
  • Fuel cap with lockable ventilation
  • Tank opening very easy to reach
  • Portable and mobile thanks to handles and light weight

CHAMPION inverter power generators from the US pioneer

With CHAMPION inverters, you have access to clean electricity everywhere, as the power generators of the American premium supplier even meet the strict California emissions regulations. Be independent when working in the forest, in the field or in an emergency. Many customers also rely on CHAMPION inverters for crises or a possible blackout, that is, the failure of the entire power grid. Buy your own mobile power station with a CHAMPION inverter. The generators of CHAMPION are extremely reliable and highly efficient, and with very low volume development. Inverter power generators of the US supplier operate below 60 decibels, which is considerably quieter than a normal vacuum cleaner.

% of potential full power

noise level in decibel












Inverter technology, what is it?

With generators using the inverter technology, you can count on the absolute upper class in the segment. Our Champion inverters supply power in grid quality. This means that voltage and frequency are controlled electronically in inverters. This ensures that the current is perfectly controlled even in the case of a different load on the unit. Particularly sensitive devices such as laptops or smartphones can be damaged by other power generators. For technical experts, we briefly describe what makes CHAMPION inverters so special.

CHAMPION inverters use the true sinusoidal technology
A true sinusoidal curve (TSW) describes the perfect, smooth waveform of the electrical output. The alternating current produced by a CHAMPION inverter has this smooth waveform. This differs from the modified sine wave (MSW) from the square wave as well as from modified square wave inverters. The waveform of these types corresponds to a coarse, step-shaped digital approximation of a TSW.

Long and favorable running time with CHAMPION inverters

The run time of an inverter depends on these factors:

  • Connected electrical equipment
  • Temperature in the environment
  • Ambient pressure (height)
  • Fill level of the tank

There is no uniform industry standard for measuring the runtime. Some vendors use a 25% load factor to specify runtime, while others estimate a load factor of 50%. The CHAMPION 2000 Watt inverter, for example, has a tank capacity of almost 3.8 liters. The table shows the measured running time with different tank filling at sea level at 24 degrees Celsius Ambient temperature:

% of potential full power

runtime in hours


9 h


6 h


4,5 h


3,5 h

CHAMPION Inverter: many applications

Mobile inverter power generators are used in many areas. Some buy the equipment to be able to offer their guests electricity, music and cool drinks at parties and celebrations away from civilization or in the garden. Besides, inverters are also used in agriculture, forestry, construction sites, workshops and emergency situations. More and more people are putting power generators to crises. So as protection against a possible blackout or the collapse of the infrastructure. You may think of it as you like. With emergency power units such as the high-quality CHAMPION, you can be independent and can work anywhere with clean current - no matter what.
Inverter power generators from CHAMPION online kaufen im Shop
The CHAMPION extra-class inverters can now be purchased exclusively from us at the best price in the online shop! We would be pleased to advise you in detail if you have any questions!

In the PDF are again all the advantages and differences of the technology for you explained:

Real Sinus-Technology